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Wednesday, December 15th 2021 – 6:00 P.M.

1. Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call
3. Open Forum – Matters of the Public
a. A portion of every regular Board of Trustees meeting shall be provided for public comment. The person wishing to speak shall submit a public participation slip or raise his or her hand in a signal to the President. The speaker must be designated and authorized to speak by the President. Each speaker shall limit his or her public participation to a period of three (3) minutes or less so that all persons shall have an adequate opportunity to make their statement to the Board. As a general rule of order, this time is for comments made by the public and not intended for question/answer. The board reserves the right to answer outside of open format.
4. Correspondence
5. Approval of meeting minutes
a. Wednesday November 17th, 2021
b. Special Meeting November 22nd, 2021
6. Treasurer’s report (November 2021)
7. Payment of bills, as presented
8. Old Business
a. Seeking Board review of Ordinance No. 2020-12-15a being an Ordinance for the levying and assessing of taxes for the Custer Fire Protection District General Corporate Fund and Ambulance Fund in the County of Will and State of Illinois for 2021.
9. New Business
a. Seeking Board consideration and motion to approve resolution 2020-12-15a being letter of support for solar farm.
b. Seeking Board consideration and motion to approve modifications to the paid shift program.
c. Seeking Board consideration and motion to approve meeting with Essex FPD.
d. Seeking Board consideration and motion to approve hiring billing company.
e. Seeking Board consideration and motion to approve electronic doorbell subscription.
f. Seeking Board consideration and motion to approve 2022 meeting dates.
10. Fire Chief’s Report
11. Committee Reports (Vehicle, Building, EMS, Training, Pub Ed., Personnel, Grants)
12. Closed Session – Compliant with Open Meetings Act – 5ILCS120/2
a. For any lawful purpose permitted by the Open Meetings Act
b. Final Action, if any, from the session presented in open meeting
13. For the Good of the District
a. Updates on projects in progress (Refer to project list)
b. Friends of Custer Fire 501(c)(3) charitable foundation update
14. Adjournment

Ron Pruss
President of the Board of Trustees
Custer Fire Protection District

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