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Transfer of Service from the Custer FPD to Braidwood FPD

Sunday | October 1, 2023
Transfer of Service from the Custer FPD to Braidwood FPD

Effective today at 12:01am, the Custer Fire Protection District officially transferred all fire and EMS response to the Braidwood Fire Protection District pursuant to the Intergovernmental Agreement that was approved on 9/25/2023. The Custer FPD Board of Trustees would like to thank all past and present members of our fire district who have faithfully served our residents and community since the time our fire district opened in 1965. We appreciate all of you and could never fully thank you for all you have done to assist our residents, sometimes in their darkest hour. While the outcome for our fire department many not be what many of us wanted, we look forward to working with Braidwood as they continue to serve our community and responding from our fire station.

With regards to the events that occurred after the closure of the special meeting to vote on the IGA on 9/25/2023, the Custer FPD’s official statement is that all members of our current roster chose to resign (were not terminated) from their duties despite the expectation that they would continue to cover the calls of our district as was discussed during open meetings leading up to the 10/1/23 switch over date. It was communicated to the Custer FPD board and Braidwood that all response from Custer FPD would cease at 1630 hours on Tuesday 9/26/23. For this reason, Custer FPD asked Braidwood FPD to continue responding to our district, as they have already been doing, from their quarters prior to the IGA going into effect on 10/1/2023. Braidwood is working diligently to recover the Custer fire station to usable order and anticipates staffing the station at a date to follow. Any questions regarding Braidwood staffing the Custer station should be directed to the Braidwood board and/or command staff. Custer FPD would like to sincerely thank Deputy Chief Mike Urzendowski and Lieutenant Sherman Heckler for continuing to remain with the district during the transition period by assisting with the recovery of assets from members who have resigned. We anticipate recovering most of the missing assets and avoiding the need for legal action; however, Custer FPD reserves the right to pursue legal action should the need arise.

We understand this is an emotional time for our residents and previous members and actions many have occurred and words said due to these emotions. With that said, Custer FPD will continue to operate with the respect, dignity, and understanding to our residents and past members during this time of transition. Our ask is that everyone be respectful to one another and use statements from the Custer FPD or Braidwood FPD boards as your basis for fact. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to attend the upcoming district meetings which would be the appropriate venue to have a discussion with either Board of Trustees.

Ron Pruss
Custer Fire Protection District

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